Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mutuality of feelings

The world around me begins to cry,
As i feel the pain i begin to shy,
They cry and they smile-
Hopelessly I nod
Cautiously I talk-
Peacefully i walk away-

Their talks and the words - grab me-
As they begin to speak,
Slowly but surely I turn away.

Finally the fight surrendered,
The pain they feel- i admit-
I feel it too.
The tears they cry-
I cry them too.


The faces i scorn,
The Voices I detest,
The sounds of silence,
Like music to the ear.

The eyes clashing,
And the painful screams
The echoes through the white noise in my head.

The people around me
Believe in me
The scenes from the movie
Replayed in my mind.

(written in 2006!)