Sunday, May 9, 2010

The pleasure of walking through
The joys you help me see
Through clouds of rain
And the birds that sing their sweet melody.
The pain you help me feel
WE ignore the things that don't matter
Cherish the things we have, oh! yeah we do!
You help me see the beauty within
You teach me right from wrong,
You hold my hand and walk me through
The beautiful world where I belong!

What if this world didn't exist?
And what if we never saw?
What if none of this mattered?
Where then would we fall?

To have you and not hold you,
You would never really know...

What its like to be the one in love!

When i need someone, I find some one
is this the right kind of feeling?
Is this, what I am?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mutuality of feelings

The world around me begins to cry,
As i feel the pain i begin to shy,
They cry and they smile-
Hopelessly I nod
Cautiously I talk-
Peacefully i walk away-

Their talks and the words - grab me-
As they begin to speak,
Slowly but surely I turn away.

Finally the fight surrendered,
The pain they feel- i admit-
I feel it too.
The tears they cry-
I cry them too.


The faces i scorn,
The Voices I detest,
The sounds of silence,
Like music to the ear.

The eyes clashing,
And the painful screams
The echoes through the white noise in my head.

The people around me
Believe in me
The scenes from the movie
Replayed in my mind.

(written in 2006!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plea to Gaiya (mother earth)

Windows under ceilings
Hanging in the air
People shed their tears
and they run everywhere
The sky that was frozen,
Hanging in no where,
The sun with the stars
and the life that was there.

Gaiya we call upon you now (through)
The trees the flowers the rainbows in the sky

Peoples' changing faces,
The smell of burning hair,
The frantic screams,
The violence- The shooting in the air,
The smoke that blinds the sky
from the riots that were there
Burning of all humans left unaware.

Gaiya we call upon you now
wake and give me reasons why we live

The rioters were humans
Who left without a care,
The shooting and the torching,
The brotherhood gone bare,
We call upon you mother
"Come and save us all
Hear the humble plea
Of your daughter your own soul."

Gaiya we call upon you now
Wake and give me reasons - why i sing.

The distraught woman

Exploitation of all kinds
Young woman and child
Abused subdued all her life
Shes lived a lie
I know the pain that she has
Lived with each day
Sexual exploitation-
The voice I never heard

Smile the world screams out loud
Hazy faces causes crystal eye
She drowns herself in the whiskey-
The spirit takes her life

The world has told her
She knows nothing but hate.
Hatred: The feeling built up-
It takes her life away...

Smile the world screams out loud
Hazy faces causes crystal eye
She drowns herself in the whiskey-
The spirit takes her life

Monday, November 3, 2008


नमः शिवा ஓம் நம் சிவ

Indecency the key to bad omen, the spell cursed, beyond repair... the lines of thought fade... under the undertones of confusion। The reason unknown।

Its only when senseless emotions take over the vulnerable mind, that the chance to feel upset is given to the soul. Inspite of the permission that needs to be granted to upset the other, still somehow the feeble mind lets the thoughts take over....

The pondering minds, fill with laughter, as the brash human lives in vain. Thought processes with nothing to match, the violent mind weeps in vain...Bodies hurt, minds tortured by the ignorance of what lies ahead.... Little knowledge is never enough to make judgments on that complicated human.

ॐ नमः शिवा

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The floor seems hard,
The sky- not so distant,
The ground - too high
The weight - minimal
The brain - empty
Patience outrun by depression
The mind makes me,
The decision takes me!