Thursday, July 24, 2008


The floor seems hard,
The sky- not so distant,
The ground - too high
The weight - minimal
The brain - empty
Patience outrun by depression
The mind makes me,
The decision takes me!


When life gets you down,
And there's no one around,
Look up at the sky
And loose the will to die.

When the world seems empty,
Look into the fridge,
Grab a beer,
Drink to eternity.

When life gets you down,
And you got nowhere to run,
Grab a brush, and paint your feelings.

Do whats best- show a finger to the rest!!!


Covered with shame,
No one to blame,
Helping the helpless,
Not knowing them dead.
The illusion of reality
Shadowed by self-deception
Faking the life once lead-
Not facing the truth.

Who chose their road,
The one un-tread.
The portrait of a blinking idiot
In my head.

The more I linger,
Still more fool I appear
Deceiving myself-
Hiding from reality-
The illusions in my head.

The faces I see- cold and bare-
The voices I hear so unclear,
Not known to me- or understandable I say
The illusion created by the remedies faked
The truth unsaid - Painful indeed.
The gifts of rich value through which I'm paid.
The noise, the confusion -
The distraction I sense-
All these illusions in my head!

L_ve- for her beloved

Never before in this world of pain,
Ever have I imagined, that I'd ever gain-
The pain and the suffering-
Of the years that have passed-
Through the lessons of experience I've Affixed in my veins-

But, now its no more a question of pain-
Nor hurt, nor Fear nor hate for the near-

Love and passion, Fire and flame-
Is what I call the name of this game.

The locks that are curly-
The eyes with no shame-
The innocence, the wonder even through pain-
The hurt that was caused
Through the years- All in vain-
Just a feeling- the word love- makes me insane.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sitting all alone,
Thinking life was just a dream,
Listening to the sounds of,
The silence of the screams,

And then you came along,
Made me see you through the light,
And now my song is sung,
I have nowhere to hide.