Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plea to Gaiya (mother earth)

Windows under ceilings
Hanging in the air
People shed their tears
and they run everywhere
The sky that was frozen,
Hanging in no where,
The sun with the stars
and the life that was there.

Gaiya we call upon you now (through)
The trees the flowers the rainbows in the sky

Peoples' changing faces,
The smell of burning hair,
The frantic screams,
The violence- The shooting in the air,
The smoke that blinds the sky
from the riots that were there
Burning of all humans left unaware.

Gaiya we call upon you now
wake and give me reasons why we live

The rioters were humans
Who left without a care,
The shooting and the torching,
The brotherhood gone bare,
We call upon you mother
"Come and save us all
Hear the humble plea
Of your daughter your own soul."

Gaiya we call upon you now
Wake and give me reasons - why i sing.

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